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i'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc, twitter war, robert gibbs d john boehner argue over middle class tax cuts. the latest in the back and forthcoming out of washington this morning. and what mr. boehner's saying about compromise when it comes to tax cuts. we'll it'll you exactly what he's saying. in california, the search is under way for those missing after last week's gas line explosion. plus, new video of the gas line erupting. details on the n inspection under way of all the company's pipelines in that state. hurricane igor grows from a category 1 to a massive category 4 storm in less than 24 hrs. we are tracking this monster storm. we've got a new one right behind it. plus -- this is the buzz story of the day. a female tv reporter allegedly harassed during an nfl practice, what she says happened to her. and will some nfl plers be
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punished if itturns out to be true well, has republican leader john boehner managed to take way one of the democrats' key attack lines leading into the midterms? president obama is accusing the republicans of holding the middle class hostage when it cops to tax cuts pitting the rich against the middle class. john boehner now says he's willing to compromise on tax cuts, for working families. >> the oly option i have is to vote for ofsome of those tax reductionsi'll vote for them. but i've been making the point now foronths that we need to extend all of the current rates for all americans if we want to get our economy going agaiand we want to get jobs in america. >> we'll see whether what we get is what congressman boehner said, what his spokesman said and a host of things. certainly, it sounded tohe us yesterday like there was a willingness by the -- by congressman boehner to go to the
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president's position of keeping middle class taxelief in play. >> richard wolffe an nbc news political analyst, he joins me live from the white house. you've got this narrative now that john boehner may have stolen the show, if you will, when it comes to the argument that the republicans trying to protect the wealthy and not looking out for the middle class. what are you hearing. >> reporter: the white house thinks there is room for greel or attack. either john boehner opens the do to a possible dpreem agreeme the middle class tax cuts or the move the republicans ar just playing politics. it'sot very personal. both men hve taken to twiter, gibbs and boehner taken to twitter to air criticism mz. we so show the twitter feeds. robert gibbs, the press secretary, has id, don't forget this handy clip and save the graphic of the k street cabinet april black and white photo doesn'tdo the tan
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justice, a reference "the new york times" stor of boehner's ties to lobbyists. boehner replies at presssec also hasn't explained how raising taxes on small businesses will create jobs. we're still waiting. this argument's going to run and run this. it's politics season and both sides have no desire to leave it at the policy table. >> it's not just about the republicans versus democrats or democrats versus republican. w you've got politico, they've obtains a draft letter from lawmakers sent to nancy pelosi and majority leader steny hoyer, democrats, rank and file, sent the letter, saying they had like to see the extension of the bush tax cuts. now i have a note from kelly o'donnell that senat joe lieberman breaks with obama on tax cuts. he believes there should be an extension for all. >> reporter: what's reasonable and what should pele be doing to look like they're acting in the economy's interest when voters want action right now.
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if one side is extreme, not being in the mainstream, they have a slim advantage at a very difficult time. will voters are want to see is more money in their pockets, more jobs inhe economy. this is a political debate. about it can have an impact in the campaign. but the real economy's somewhere down the line in terms of seeing a real impact in people's pockets. >> we're talking more about the economy in the hour and new numbers regarding how many people in the country live below the poverty line. thank you, richard. greatly appreciate it. authorities are searching for four people still missing after last thursday's natural gas explosion and fire in san bruno, cifornia. officials say four bodies have been recovered, including 44-year-old jacqueline greig and her 13-year-old daughter janessa and. 20-year-old jessica morales yet to be identify. officials ordered pg&e to survey
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its gas lines in the state. 50 homes destroyed. lee cowan joins us live from san bruno. so stunningly when you look at the before and after images on google of what the community looks like before the explosion and how barren certain parts is now is stunning. >> reporter: it real is. i mean you get a sense of the scope not only of the original blast but how far it went out and the fact that the firefighters were able to contain it as much that's did was pretty astonishing. for the investigation it elf, it's proceeding alon two fronts. the state end of things, local end of thens, regular laters forcing pg&e to force all pipelines, specially ones in neighborhoods in san bruno. investigators say they don't foe what caused the rupture or the fire afterwards. that's where the ntsb is stepping in now. they've taken a large section of pipe, it's about 27-foot long, 28-foot long section of pipe, that blew away, landed 100 feet
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away from the pipeline explosioh was. they've boxed it, they'll try to thefigure out what caused the rupture. could have been previous construction done nearby. there was a sewer pipe construction project done in 2008 right near that gas pipe. that does seem like a long time ago. investigators stay could have weakens the gas pipe. they're not sure. pat's something they'll look into when they get e piece of pipe back to washington. >> we have sound from one of the residents in that neighborhood, a few of the people being let back in to they're homes y. let's listen. >> i feel sorry for all of the people that have to deal with insurance and the state and whatever, no matter, you know -- but we're blessed. >> are you happy with how you found the house? >> yes. >> that's enough. scary. >> it's scary. yeah. but you know, it's sad, too, to
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see. >> lee, e i'm sure you're heari that a lot in that neighborhood. >> reporter: there are, you know, the let about 300 people in last night back into look yesterday, back in to look at their homes. some are tagg, red tags, ones no one can go back into. some are yellow tagge some could go back in, takere belongg but ren't allowed to spend the nit. if you go back, you can see some hopes are completely destroys. across the street is a home which is perfectly fine, which is astonishing given the heat. those folks that don't have mes will meet with inrance folks and pg&e and see what the next steps are. >>ee cowan, thank you. prosecutors in tehran say american hiker sarah shourd will be released from prison after the iranian government receives $500,000 in bail. shourd one of the three mi
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americaned detained in iran for more than a year. there was opposition from iranian leaders saying the legal process had not been completed.e nbc's stephanie gosk has the latest out o london. the first question is, 500,000 is an incdible am of money. do we know if sarah shourd's family getting asis tans to provide funds to be sent back home here? >> reporter: it is a lot of money. we don't really know the details of it. it gets complicated. it's not just the amount of money, but it's how you transfer that money to iran. the u.s. doesn't have diplomatic ties with that country. the lawyer there has been working through the swiss embassy as a kind of intermediary to make that happen. we're hearing from there associated press that the family'soing to try to appeal that $500,000 bail. there have been difficulties with it and trying to get that part of the deal dropped. as you mentioned, this happened after the foreign ministry on friday said they were going to
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release her without condition. on saturday the iranian judiciary stepped in and said it subverts wr iranian law and you have to em pose this bail though she is able to leave the country. if it happens, she still has to stand trial in absentia with the two other hikers she was arrested with. >> regarding the two other amicanser which one is sarah's fiance, what's the latest? we know they're not going to be released. what happens next for them? >> reporter: they're going to stand trial for espionage. it will be interesting, tamron, because what you're seeing now is blowback from conservatives in country who don't think that shourd should be released at all and you have to wonder, with all of that, whether they don't come down hard on the two remainingy hikers, if they have to stand trial. so there are a lot of political back and forth going on right now in iran. it will be interesting to see where it goes from here. >> stephanie gosk live in london. right now, we are keeping a
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close eye on hurricane igor, the strongest storm so far in the 2010 hricane season. igor's churning over the atlantic ohhen and quickly gaining strength. more from meteorologist bill karins. >> we already have the "j." we're starting to add up names quickly. we haven't had anything hitting the united states as a hurricane. we want to keep it that way. still 150-mile-per-hour-winds. still a very strong category 4. but it looks like the time for igor to become a rare category 5 has passed. it's supposed to weaken from here throughout the nextel 24 days. julia, well behind it, in the middle of the atlantic not a threat top i gore, impressive. on the far left, puerto rico at the current time heading west. it's going to move to the northwest over the next couple of d. you can see bermuda to the top of the screen, almost draws a straht line towards bermuda. that's where the threat is.
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threat to the east cast is becoming less and less. should weaken down to category 3. if ber plud da's going to get hit it will be some time saturday. we'll continue to watch computer models. all turn the storm northward towards the end of the forecast. the bottom line, another weekend with very large waves. surfers will love it. stay out of thewater, once again, this weekend. >> thank you.g, this morning, the imam behind the proposed islamic center and mosque near ground zero said everything's on the table concerning that project, including a time-out or in his words a freeze. he made comments here in new york if a speech before the council on foreign relations. on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. a new quinnipiac poll shows american voters think muslims have right to build that community center and mosque near ground zero. 70% say muslims have the right versus 28% who say no.
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nbc's ron alan joins me now. you were there when the imam was speaking. in the number, 28% in that pollt said it is appropriate to build a facility. acknowledging the right but disputing -- whether it is appropriate or sensitive. >> reporter: exactly. that's whamost of the polls that have been taken show. s there's no disagreement whether they have the right to do this but whether it's appropriate to do it or not. the imam is on apublic relations offensive. he's come back to the united states after being away on a state department-sponsored trip to the middle east. he's been doing sewslective interviews. this morning iwas a friendly audience, for the st part. questioned by members ofhe group, not the press who was there, like myelf. and basically he was trying to say th he wants to go forward with the project, that he's aware of the uproar that he's caused and trying to figure out a way to shape the project in ways that will be acceptable to the community. whether they can do that,s of course, remains to be seen. one point he was asked whether
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it was worth it, here's what he had to say. >> the answer, ladies and gentlemen, is a categorical yes. why? because this center will be a place for all faiths to come together as partners, as stakeholders, in mutual respect. it will bring honor to the city of new york, to american muslims across the country, and to americans all over the world. >> he has said the center would have religious space for muslims, christians, for jews a number of organizes and faiths. th's one compromise. he will now make public the donors, major donors, to the organization, tothe project. another contentious issue. he made a point at the eventyih this morning of saying that people who say this is happening on hallowed ground are being s disingenuous because the site is 2 1/2 blocks from ground zero,
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an area where there are strip clubs, bars, betting parlors, as he points out and this is not hallowed ground. >> thank you very much, ron. this morning, the senate opened its first impeachment trial since the 1999 case against fmer president bill clinton. it's a trial of u.s. district judge thomas porteous, facing four charges involving pay-offs, kick backs and lying under oath. two-thirds vote is needed to in the senate to convict him. firefighters battling ye another wildfire in colorado. it's forcing hundreds of people to flee their homes. we'll head to the fire zone for the late pest. plus -- another alleges mexican drug cartel leader is busted. we'll have more on how they were able to catch up with this individual and who he is. he goes by el grande. the nfl launches an version inhato reports of harassment
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welcome back. at this hourjo a second major while fire is roaring in colorado. at least 80 firefighters are dealing with blaze. hundreds have beenev forced to leave everything behind to get to safety. one home has been destroyed. the latest wildfire is in loveland, colorado, 50 miles from denver. it comes on the heels of one of the most deructive while fire in the state's history, boulder. investigators say that may have been started by a pit fire. a reporter with kusa in loveland, colorado. what's the latest there? >> reporter: h good morning. latest is we're hearing from the command center within the hour
11:19 am
just to get a good idea wof wh plan of attack is today. we do know that some good news, cold temperatures moved in, at least cooler temperatures moved in. that caused the fire to lay down. the bad news is, you can probably see it behind me, we have quite the inversion going on. it is soth smoky. there is just a heavy curtain of sme here. we thought wd be coming out to the boulder fire today. not at all, we're here in loveland. more than 600 acres have burns up, 400 people evacuated. they were evacuated overnooight. roughly 100 firefighters out at the fire today. as i said, within the hour we're going to get word from them, hear what the plan of attack is today. there's nine planes on stand by. those planes thought they would be attacking the boulder fire and this morning they are waiting to attack the larimer county fire. as i said this inversion's in place. they're not breaking through
11:20 am
that. last check, two homes have been destroyed, hopefully firefighters were able to keep that number down and hopefully keep it down even more. now the temperatures, the sun is coming up. eis getting quite warm. that won't fuel the fear anymore but we will be getting more information at that news conference here within the hour. >> it's incredible to see back-to-backfires there. brooke, thank you. the war over california's proposition 19 heats up. well, if you don't know, prop 19 is the discussion over legalizing recreational marijuana in that state. supporters and opponents lanning to hold dueling news conferences. we have the latest on the hot topic. a big blog and twitr conversation. plus -- new nixon tapeeils reveal detai of the former president's details plans to assassinate a veteran journalist. we'll play you some of the
11:21 am
tapes. kanye west and taylor swift on the mtv awards. no one upstaging anyone else. i wouldn't call it a show of peace but we will show you what happened. details coming up. did you like kanye's hot, red suit? very devilish. ♪ [ fema announcer ] kids who don'tat breakfast may not be getting the nutrition they need keep their bodies strong. ♪ a nutritious start to the day is essential.
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reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence - that's right, cso we've got a list of things you can do to get active. - like jumping jacks. - or how 'bout push-ups? - sit-ups? - uh, maybe jumping rope? - yeah. or jogging. - uh, how about like a wheelbarrow race? - oh, yeah, that's a great idea. - but imagine actually
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trying to use him as a wheelbarrow, like stacking bricks on him and doing, like, doo-doo-doo. you know what i mean? - or yoga. - which is actually peaceful and quiet and not a lot talking, so... - exactly. is he still lookg at me? another one of mexico's alleged drug cartel leaders has been captured, sergio villarreal, known as el grande. the cartel blamed for the escalating violence in central mexico. el grande faces seven investigations of drug trafficking and organized crime. captured by mexican marines sunday. marines used armored vehicles to corner him. they say they gave up without a fight. el grande's the fourth major blow delivered to drug cartels
11:25 am
by the nemexican government in e past year. the nfl looking into alleges a female reporter sexually harasses by players and a coach at a new york jetted practice saturday. ines sainz a reporter for mexico's tv. she was report on mark sanchez whelg pl when players hurls footballs in her direction. in spanish she tweeted, i'm dieing of embarrassment. i'm in the jets' locker room waiting for mark sanchez, trying not to look anywhere. steven shapiro a reporter. he joins us by phone from atlanta. thanks for joining us. >> how are you doing? >> i'moing good. what do you know about the situation? >> all we know about the situation right now essentially is that the league is going to take itpe super, super seriousl. they' an incident years ago a black eye on the league, patriotsra
11:26 am
harassed a woman, lisa olson. roger goodell is the last thing he wants the notion they're running plays in practice specifically end up in her direction so players can take a look at her. if there were cat calls or sexist-type stuff going on i can't tell you how seriously the league feels about this stuff. the chance of a big highly visible team, they've got the hbo show, rex ryan, but they better be careful about their bravado when it comes to something like this. >> s tweeted a caption i guess people were talking about her attire. she wrote media claimed i was inappropriately dresses for the jets. this is how i looked. she tweeted a picture of herself. this is interesting. as you know, steven, this is every woman's worst nightmare, women who cover sports, that something like this uld happen. as you point out, measures taken. but these players are -- the
11:27 am
incident's under investigation. any chance the players would be suspended? i think they play tonight, right? >> it's not going to happen tonight. they have a huge game. the meadowlands opened for the giants. but the jets' first game in the new stadium is tonight. nobody will be suspended, anything close to that and there would be a league investigation. it doesn't matter what she was wearing, i really down, because the league doesn't care. is there a certain etiquette in the locker rooms that women are supposed to dress conservatily? absolutely there's an et question. if they went as far as to have remarks, cat calls, made her uncomfortable in the locker room, it's going to be a big story. it's happening in the wrong city with the wrong -- with the wrong commissioner in terms of visibility and jets need to be careful. the franchise has been operating with a lot of swagger and maybe they think they're untouchable. i can promise you, female reporter sexually, you know, put
11:28 am
in a tough situation is not something they're going to take lightly. >> steven, thank you for making time. i should have called you steak. >> call me steak. my mother call me steven. thank you very much. minority leader john boehner may have just bettered republican chances in november with his offer to compromise on tax cuts. nbc's luke russert heads to the republican leader's hometown for a look at man behind the headlines. the lady's a champ at last night's mtv music awards. we talked to a sports guy named steak, how ironi lady gaga wore steak. wore steak. that's a theme going on here. a. was always the hat guy. i can't even tell you how much it's changed my life. [ male announcer ] only rogaine is prove to regrow hair in 85% of guys. no more hats. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining.
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it means getting everything you need to invest for yourself, not by yourself. it means cosing from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and every etf sold. plus 5-star service and research designed to increase your intelligence, not insult it. so you can wave good riddance to some high-priced joker churning out cookie cutter portfolios. price is one thing. value is another. don't confuse the two. e-trade. investing unleashed. california cou become the first state to legalize recreational marijuana. proposition 19 would take away criminal penalties for people 21 and older for possession of an ounce or less ofmarijuana. will be on the ballot in
11:32 am
november. polls in the nation's most populous state suggest residents are about evenly split on this issue. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us live from our d.c. bureau. i tweetedabout this and the range of comments regarding this which a some assume because california was the first to legalize medicinal marijuana it would be a natural decision to move forwardhere. >> reporter: it may be for a lot of people in california, it may not be. it doesn't seem to havefo attracts, r example, the kind of money from big donorers that pass marijuana initiatives in california there's a wait and see attitude from some big supporters around the cntry. but the supporters in california include the naacp there, number of black law enforcement organizes who say that this would -- they oppose the current laws because they disproportionately affect african-americans who are out or proportion, arrested and jailed for marijuana offense. what supporters say is, look, 400,000 people in california
11:33 am
legally use marijuana now, many more illegally use it. let's sell it, les regulate the sale, and let's tax it. one study says it could generate as much as $1. 5 billion in tax revenue for california. but the opponents include all of the former administrators of the drug enforce mants administrati the current drug czar. they say it wod lead to more impaired drivers more people showing up at work smoking marijuana and the amount of tax money would be dwarfed by the cost to society and criminal justice costs and health care costs, and they say it's a bad idea. the poll there's are about evenly split. and we'll see how it goes. but it will be closely watched around the cntry because it would be the first law of its kind in the nation. >> there's a 1:30 eastern ictim news, police officers, judges, prosecutors, supporting proposition 19 will hole their
11:34 am
newser. >> reporter: right, out in california. here in washington today, all of the former administrator of dea spoke against it. dueling news conferences today. >> thank you, pete. there is intense scrutiny on republican minority leader john boehner following scathing investigative report in the "new york times" gdetailing boehner' relationship with washington lobbyists. he's received hundreds of thousands from lobbyists and helped numerous lobbyists in during his time in office. in recent weeks president obama repeatedly gone after boehner in speeches and trying to portray him as the face of the republican party. the minority leader is unknown to millions of americans. nbc's luke russert has a closer look at the man e who could bece the next speaker of the house. it's interesting, the report 55% of the people surveyed did not know who john boehner is or were not awir of him. >> a lot of the public hears arguments against him from the
11:35 am
left. obama has tried to define him, hearing a country club republican with ties to lobbyists. a man who comes from humble beginning starting out in a big catholic family in redding, ohio. >> hidden from the people, hell no, you can. >> reporter: risen to political heightsen capitotrl hill but th trip began on another hill. >> missed the street here. >> reporter: hill street in redding, ohio. at the top, sits the house he shares with 11 brothers and sisters. you had 12 people in this house. >> yes. >> reporter: 14, right? >> 14. see when we were younger, that addition on the end wasn't there. mom and dad slept on ale. -out couch. john, steve and i slept in one bedroom. nancy slept in the other bedroom. >> reporter: maneuvering in a big catholic family where a large part of his leadership skills come from today. >> started right there, you
11:36 am
know? might have wanted something done a certain way, but it was impock ecause there's too many people. he had to figure out the best way to do something and move on with it. >> reporter: his little sister might say he was bossy. >> sit up straight. >> reporter: linda works at bar back named it was named andy's cafe after his grandfather-ever get angry at him because he wa too hard. >> he wasn't mom or dad. >> reporter: a teenager who rode motorcycles played football even in pain. >> if he could stand the pain, he would play. he says, we need to do it to win. >> reporter: from his mother camehis independence. >> stand up and speak your mind. my mother's good at that. he just -- she spoke what she thought, she spoke from the heart. >> reporter: fm his father his charm and possibly his heart.
11:37 am
>> himy dad made a connection wh people. that's why he's successful. >> reporter: the beginning of an unlikely climb which may end with him leeing 435 people in a very different house on the hill. tamron, there you go. quite an interesting upbringing for in boehner, learning the art of compromise dealing with 11 brothers and sisters. another interesting anecdote, took mr. boehner seven years to get his degree because he was working. it will be interrogatory see if the narrative comes out in the closing weeks of the cam campaign and one that gives him a new face. >> the controversial school in california is opens. the most if you haven't heard, most expensive public school in the couldn'try. robert f. kennedy community
11:38 am
school complex costs an estimated $578 million to build. officials in l.a. say the school was planned before the economic crisis hit and partially funded by $20 billion in voter approves bonds that do not impact the educational budget. 3700 students begi class on the 24-acre campus. wow! from lady gaga to cher to taylor swift, video music awards showed us that they can put together a show, didn't they? let's get the scoop from pop show columnist. i had nightmares after that show. >> i read that tweet. the awards had a notof surprises but not a lot of excitement. there's a difference tween the two. the beginning of the show, lindsay lohan giving chelsea handler, the host, a pep p,talk >> wake up, handler. pull it together. you're a mess. do you think anyone wants to
11:39 am
work with a drunk? take it from me, they don't. >> two wds, too soon. >> yeah. >> it was too soon for that. nobody thought that lindsay lohan's situation was funny to begin with. takes a lot to convince that is it's funny now. she definitely didn't get the job done here. and this isn't going to be the springboard to lindsay lohan's comeback or anything of the sort with that. she really needs to stick to working hard and take it from there. another thing everyone'salking about today, the morning after, is this taylor swift/kanye west thing. have we finally put it to rest? >> they were chanting kanye at the end. >> prior to him going on stage they were booing. everyone's confused. take a quick list hen to taylor swift swinging her song about kanye. ♪ who you are not what you've been you're still an innocent ♪ >> it's called -- i'm calling it the i forgive you kanye ballad but the song debut last night on
11:40 am
mtv. at the time it was getting 4,300 tweets per minute about that song and performance specifically. obviously, it's very, very buzzy. it was successful in any way? i feel like let's put this in the rear view mirror. we can't talk about this without talking about kanye west himself. >> that suit. >> you're fixated on the suit. >> you don't see someone dressed head to toe in red. >> i have to give mtv kudos here. the stage was one of the most phenomenal stages in a long timing. the director did a good job making sure artists work well with it. it had pop and good job to mtv for that. i think looking ahead to next year, got a lot of work to do. this is a show you want to enjoy. you want to turn it on, get something worth while. >> cher was worth while. >> cher was great. >> gaga and cher on stage together, one of the big ones m. >> one of the most subtle pop culture commentaries we had in a
11:41 am
long timing. shows how far we came seeing cher. no one would notice that outfit at any mtv venue, but you get lady gaga there who stopped by the meat counter whole foods. >> how many awards? 8 oust 13. >> 8 out of the 13. >> we're done with scoop. the executive producer of the ur, angie, her husband tweet immediate they had their baby 6 pounds, 3 ounces, names her riley marie gaga. she went into labor when gaga was winning. >> congratulations. >> for the latest entertainment news and baby's named after gaga, even going into labor while watching gaga. >> a lot of people go into labor watching gaga. [ male announcer ] if you've had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery,
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a somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest healthcare questions. and the over 60,000 people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. census figures for 2009 due out next week. some of the numbers coming out
11:45 am
certainly will be hot topics if you will, regarding the country and the direction we're going in and the economy. it already appears that more people will be living or are living below the poverty line. anticipated increase is going from 13.2% in 2008 to 15% of americans classified as poor. that is about 1 in 7 people in this country. it would be the highest single year increase since 1959. where do you tnthink unemployment will be in the short term? >> the cea and treasury issue an official unemployment forecast. so i'm not going to deviate from our official forecast. >> is it going to stay high?t' >> it's going to stay high. this recession is the deepest in our lifetime. more than 8 million people lost their jobs. rt's going to take a significant push on our part and time before that comes down. i don't anticipate it coming
11:46 am
down rapidly. >> that was the new chairman of president obama's council of economic advisers, speaking about the nation's up employment rate, at 9.6. the president will travel to suburban virginia this afternoon to talk with families about the struggling economy. john harwood, hocnbc's chief whe house correspondent. when you lift tonight what austin golds by has to say and think about the new census number, 1 in 7 considers to be poor. >> reporter: it's a terrible picture, tamron. when you think about the realits and the president's been trying to condition americans to it saying there are no silver bullets new york quick fix. they enacted they're stimulus bill last year, it's had whatever efft it's had. even if you assume it's had a t beneficial effect on the economy, as the white house says we're going to be years digging out of the hole, trying to build a different kind of economy. you know, people are saving more, consumers aren't spending
11:47 am
and that is what causes job growth to be so slow and everyone to be so pessimistic right now. >> and, john, talk to me about the president, he, of course, f for example with the tax cuts, wealthy versus middle class, saying republican were holding middle class hostage and boehne saying perhaps there's a compromise here. what other options are weee liky to see from the administration not just for midterms but the near future for all of these people out of work? >> reporter: well, the president laid out proposals last week. in the current environment you can't pass $50 billion worth of infrastructure spending. you may be ail at some point, perhaps after to pass the business tax incentives. there's a small business lending bill which is going to clear the congress soon. that's one step they can take. but people are going to have to be patient. and there's going to to be more
11:48 am
suffering from people before we get out of this. >> thank you, john. today's true crime story an update on the florida girl nearly beat tonight death allegedly by a classmate over a text message. savagely attacked in march. a teenage boy kicked her within an inch of her life. e brain surgeries, josie out of bed and struggling to get her life back. here she is today as she continues to recover. heart wrenching exclusen vie with meredith vieira. her mother talks about the long road ahead. >> i'm looking forward for more progre progress, you know? i -- i would love to see her the way she was, you know? she has a lot to learn. a lot to lrn. physical, she's great.
11:49 am
she looks beautiful. >> she does. >> but the inside of her brain's not very good. >> 15-year-old wayne tracy's chargewith josie's attempted murder. he's being tried assen adult. new audiotapes of rech ard nixon. 'll let you hear the tapes, next. ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ [ animals calling ] to 48 hours. ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ]
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11:52 am
welcome back. the controversy over wikileaks releases dock ms is one recent example of controversial government secrets exposed and angering washington officials. 40 years ago, journalist jack anderson infuriated the nixon white house publishing some of the government's most closely-held secrets. new nixon tapes show how president nixon and aides tried to destroy anderson even a plot.ed assassination
11:53 am
nbc news national investigative correspondent michael iscoff joins me now. >> there's obsession of nixon and how they tried to discredit and assassinate the journalist receiving them, jack anderson. some details come from the gift that keeps giving, newly unearthed tapes from inside the nixon white house. immediately after pakistan's attack on indiae in december 1971, richard knox exxon vowed neutrality. he was violating a congressional ban secretly arming pakistan, a tilt exposed by a long time nemesis, jack anderson. >> he was like ahad chasing after nixon. this great white whale. he plagued nixon from the very beginning of his career.
11:54 am
starting in the early 1950s. >> veteran journalist an former producer mark feldstein's book breaks new ground on the attempts of breaking nixon. it shows the levels of the obsession. >> i would just like to get a hold of this anderson and hang him. >> yes. so listen. the day after the election, win or lose, we've got to do something with this son of a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: they believed he was fed documents by fellow mormons working inside the government. one of his key sources was, in fact, a mormon who had worked at the u.s. embassy in new deli. >> those mormons in indian embassy are totally turning out to be a bunch of scabs. >> reporter: nixon operative howard hunt before his death three years ago described what they did. >> he and gordon liddyan spied
11:55 am
anderson in a jeep from his office to his home, staked out anderson's home. looked at the home to check it out for vulnerabilities. ways to break in so they could poison his medicine. >> reporter: feldstein writes that anderson was hardest a saint. >> as heroicas jack anderson was in standing up to people in power when nobody else would, he had feet of clay and i found the ecks that he cashed showing he was collecting money from the dictatorship through the lobbyist while writing stories about them. >> that was michael isokoff covering that story for us. i have news out of venezuela. a plane carrying 47 people crashed shortly after takeoff today. we understand that officials are tending to survivors. we are not sure how many suivors but 47 people were on thistate airline. these are live pictures coming in to u
11:56 am
the airline that the planerr carrying 47 people crashed shortly after tak meoff. we'll have more information. that does it for me i this hour. i'll see you back here 2:00 p.m. eastern time and special hidden camera report on what kids are doing when their parents aren't around. hmm. we'll be right back. contessa picks up our coverage in the next hour. be able to afford insurance. when i graduated from college, i lost my health insurance. the minute i got sick, i lost my insurance. not anymore. not anymore. not anymore. america's healthcare reforms change lives for the better. to find out how it can help you, visit us at it's not just fair, it's the law. so, we set out to discover the nutritional science at purina one, we want your cat to be as healthy as possible in some of nature's best ingredients. that's how we created purina one with smartblend.
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stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of thesehoic hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at can earn you a free night -- save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big?
11:59 am
abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea. good monday, everybody. i'm contessa brewer. coast to coast and washington, d.c. lawmakers get back to work and back to the tug of war over tax cuts but the republicans may find a bit of common ground with the president. on middle class tax cuts. here's house minority leader john boehner. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making the point now for months that we need to extend all the current rates for all americans if we want to ge our economy going again and we want to get

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